Cancer Vaccine Information

Research on Cancer Vaccines

"Universal" cancer vaccine developed - The Telegraph

A Phase I vaccine trial using dendritic cells pulsed with autologous oxidized lysate for recurrent ovarian cancer

Long-term clinical and immunological effects of p53-SLPĀ® vaccine in patients with ovarian cancer.

Immune Monitoring in Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials: Critical Issues of Functional Flow Cytometry-Based Assays

Stimuvax won't be available until 2013 - Wall St. Journal

Cancer Vaccine by Fusions of Dendritic and Cancer Cells

Colon cancer vaccine advances in clinical trials - Technology Review

Autologous versus allogeneic cell-based vaccines?

Good results in Panvac test - ABC News

Skin cancer vaccine in development

Immune-Boosting Vaccines Show Promise in Two Cancer Types - Bloomberg

Proponents see hope in changing cancer vaccines' bad reputation - Scientific American article

New Approach Uses A Common Virus To Combat Deadly Lung Cancer

Cancer vaccine target pinpointed

Researchers develop vaccine for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from tobacco plants

Researchers at St. Jude's Hospital discover signaling molecule that supresses immune response

Carnival of Cancer Research (blog)

Carbohydrate-Based Cancer Vaccine Shows Promising Results - Sept 2007

Cancer vaccines: moving beyond current paradigms

Provenge Prostate Cancer Vaccine passes FDA milestone - March 2007

Clinical Trials of the breast cancer vaccine MVA-BN-HER-2 - January 2007

Present and future of lung cancer vaccines.

Therapeutic vaccines for prostate cancer

Personalized peptide vaccines: a new therapeutic modality for cancer.

Inhibition of tumor growth with antiangiogenic cancer vaccine

Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) for cancer treatment

Combination Hormone/Vaccine Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Benefit Patients Whose Disease Returns


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